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Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons


Throughout his long and varied career, pioneer and visionary Ted Nelson investigated technical possibilities of all kinds.  He checked reader service cards from magazines in a wide variety of industries, unleashing torrents of further information on products, services and academic research. 

Companies large and small, ranging from large names like IBM and Burroughs to short-lived startups, sent their brochures, catalogs and flyers-- mailings from aerospace, engineering, print/publishing and many examples of documentation from the early days of computing.

After looking, Dr. Nelson threw these in cartons, which have survived by accident.

These items are now being scanned in and presented for browsing at the Internet Archive. Whether for nostalgia, reference or research, this collection gives deep insight into the self-image and language of many companies, as well as the visual style of many long-lost aspects of the 20th century's industries.

For more information on Ted and his many projects, visit:


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Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Macintosh Quadra Sales Brochure from Apple Computer
Topics: macintosh, quadra, apple, computers, scsi, ethernet, color, software, nubus, video, macintosh...
Sperry-Rand Univac 9000 Series Brochure: 9200 and 9300 Facts and Figures
Topics: univac, memory, card, tape, numeric, cpm, optional, system, cycle, lpm, cycle time, memory cycle,...
Surviving a Microcomputer Shift (Wozniak and Jobs Profile) from Information Processing Magazine
Topics: apple, computer, consumer, hobby, tandy, companies, markkula, imsai, strategies
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Catalog of Apple Computer lifestyle-branded items, along with price lists and referral card.
Topics: catalog, code, apple, cotton, colorful, choice, navy, features, designed, brass, catalog code,...
Data-Panel Display Systems from TEC-Lite - Transistor Electronics Corporation
Topics: panel, display, systems, visual, color, data, corporation, illuminated, power, digital, panel...
A collection of press releases and information blasts related to the Apple Computer product family in 1983 and 1984, especially as related to the Apple II and Apple II computers.
Topics: apple, macintosh, lisa, software, iii, users, computer, ihe, plotter, user, apple computer, mariani...
Teletype Tape Handling Equipment Overview, General Description TH Issue 3, from Teletype
Topics: tape, inches, teletype, reel, chadless, perforated, core, unwinder, telespeed, inch, perforated...
Model 120a Strip Printer Brochure from Franklin Electronics Inc. Bulletin 2045
Topics: characters, printer, franklin, digital, print, printers, electronics, bulletin, mounting, numeric,...
Mathematics for the Space Age: The Totally New Friden 130 Electronic Calculator
Topics: touch, register, friden, electronic, decimal, cathode, keyboard, entries, answers, key, decimal...
Kevin Savetz is the team lead of the Ted Nelson Junk Folders Project. He oversees the scanning of new material, as well as funding and hiring of staff to make things run. The project depends on donations to fund the hired scanning employee - roughly $80/day. Please contribute to
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RCA Integrated Circuits Product Guide Catalog from Radio Corporation of America
Topics: rca, circuits, integrated, amplifiers, amplifier, digital, logic, circuit, ecl, voltage, integrated...
ADDS - Consul computer terminal
Topics: data, cursor, characters, character, memory, variable, display, control, screen, operator, variable...
Thermolyne Electrical Laboratory Apparatus Catalog 1965
Topics: temperature, control, furnace, heating, thermolyne, controller, thermocouple, type, heat,...
Catalog for microphones and microphone interiors from Turner Microphone Company.
Topics: model, price, list, shipping, output, microphone, dynamic, response, lavalier, impedance, list...
Cover - Ratheon Company Annual Report 1965
Avery Tape Reel Tabulabels - Avery Products
Topics: label, reel, avery, labels, tabx, perfs, tape, horizontal, reels, rectangular, tape reel, label...
Motorola Semiconductor Products Inc Library Handbooks
Topics: transistor, circuit, motorola, handbooks, switching, power, handbook, circuits, rectifier, zener,...
Peer Panoramic Stand Magnifier from Minatec Tools
Topics: lens, kstss, jwfcs, ssgl, ens, magnification, hew
Laboratory Data Collector from Berkeley Scientific Laboratories - Prices, Options and diagrams on the LDC-200 and the LDC Data Input Console
Topics: data, ldc, digital, input, laboratory, output, signal, magnetic, collector, gnd, laboratory data,...
American Documentation Institute Publications and Order Form
Topics: adi, documentation, proceedings, foreign, postage, symposium, american, science, papers,...
General Electric GE-115 Computer Overview and Brochure
Topics: card, electric, program, access, data, affiliates, programs, computer, punch, ohio, general...
135 Free Typefaces from LaserMAX Systems
RCA Handbook: RCA Electron Tube Handbook HB-3
Topics: rca, tube, handbook, tubes, silicon, semiconductor, rectifiers, tunnel, transmitting, guide, tube...
Potter Instrument Company Condensed Catalog M2 - Magnetic Tape Transports, Perforated Tape Readers, High Speed Printers, Accessory Equipment.
Topics: tape, potter, transport, ips, vacuum, data, electronics, magnetic, drive, control, tape transport,...
Tools Turned The Trick - Didactics Corporation
MYOB (Mind Your Own Business) Accounting Software for Macintosh, from Teleware
Topics: inventory, invoices, accounting, auto, analysis, reports, purchase, journal, accounts, unlimited,...
IBM - Brochure: Voters registration records
Topics: ibm, oak, lane, registration, records, reports, street, cards, lists, prepared, oak lane, ibm...
Bell and Howell Cameras Catalog
Topics: lens, listed, features, zoom, asa, film, exposure, automatic, focusing, control, features listed,...
Fabri-Tek Incorporated Company Overview and Product Line
Topics: memory, core, stack, series, cores, system, computer, stacks, systems, wisconsin, core memory,...
Instant Logic Guide from Engineered Electronics
Topics: modules, circuit, module, circuits, digital, models, assemblies, logic, frequency, breadboards,...
Flyer for Adam Osborne Announcement at March 23 at 3pm in the Crystal Ballroom of the San Francisco Hotel
Christmas Card from Adams Associates
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
by Fluidonics Corporation
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As exclusive distributor of Corning Fluidic Devices, FLUIDONICS can provide fast service from stock on a wide range of fluid amplifiers . . . and the technical assistance needed to best  work them into your application. We urge you to call on us whenever you need help in this area. Contact your FLUIDONICS Engineering Specialist, or write, wire, or call us direct. 
Topics: pressure, nozzle, supply, output, psig, flow, psi, switch, fluid, devices, power nozzle, supply...
Know How Incorporated Class and Training Catalog
Topics: multimate, multiplan, lotus, data, mailmerge, ibm, supercalc, wordstar, program, trademark, data...
Drake Manufacturing Indicator and Readout Lights - Lampholders - Miniature Lighting
Topics: drake, miniature, booth, lighting, indicator, ieee, laj, harwood, readout, escalators, miniature...
Genisco SpaceGraph The True 3D Display System
Topics: spacegraph, graphics, display, image, mirror, refresh, host, voxels, planes, system, three...
The Time Table of History by Xiphias - History in Three-Dimensional Hypermedia
Control Data 915 Page Reader Brochure
Topics: reader, data, conversion, san, computer, kansas, program, control, speed, computing, control data
Centralab Product Data: Push Button Switches
Topics: centralab, switches, switch, contacts, plated, milliohms, series, modular, soldering, humidity,...
The Bunker-Ramo Corporation 340 Control Computer System Brochure
Topics: memory, floating, core, drum, control, operation, computer, system, analog, average, floating...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Topics: input, amplifier, operational, voltage, offset, resistor, nexus, voltmeter, loop, output,...
Farrington Series III Document Reader Information Manual (March 31, 1966)
Topics: bjo, document, reader, farrington, output, bjd, ctf, data, reading, operator, document reader,...
3CS Microdensitometer Overview Brochure
Topics: density, scanning, specimen, specimens, optical, microdensitometer, attachment, measuring,...
Photo-Sonics Instrumentation and Recording Cameras Catalog
Topics: camera, film, foot, magazine, boresight, carrying, standard, rotary, lens, frame, foot magazine,...
PDP-4 Computer Application Note: Keydata On-Line Facility Handles Business Applications
Topics: keydata, data, claimant, system, input, micro, twx, processing, tape, transports, micro tape,...
General Instrument Corporation Metal Oxide Semiconductors Price List
Topics: mem, instrument, mosfet, semiconductor, shift, general, protective, dual, potter, corporation,...
Technical Bulletin: Systron Donner SD 10/20 Analog Computer
Topics: module, quad, model, amplifier, potentiometer, msec, diode, dual, function, integrator, function...
A Thin Magnetic Film Shift Register, by Kent D. Broadbent from Transactions on Electronic Computers
Topics: magnetic, domain, propagating, electrode, domains, configuration, film, register, evaporated,...
Acme Visible Filing Systems and Accessory Equipment for Electronic Data Processing. With photos and descriptions.
Topics: visible, acme, filing, punched, card, friden, flexowriter, filed, san, cards, acme visible
Millionaires' Club: Tickertape News
Topics: illinois, club, june, melrose, ford, avenue, michigan, july, humor, enclosed, ford city, round...
Evans Aids to Office Efficiency Brochure
Topics: racks, rack, evans, sections, pedestals, lbs, desk, gathering, typewriters, sheets, receiving tray,...
nuControl 3 Axis Motion Control for the Macintosh II Flyer, from nuLogic. Modes, Description, Features.
Topics: motion, nucontrol, control, velocity, axis, inputs, limit, servo, command, set, motion control,...
Dian Controls Incorporated Magnetic Core Memory Flyer
Topics: memory, series, miniature, storage, address, operating, modes, standard, magnetic, power, miniature...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Spires by Wiedemann Brochure
Topics: spire, cupola, wiedemann, size, series, fiberglass, width, baptistry, catalog, spires, spire size,...
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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Topics: computer, banger, ergonomic, grosshandler, bit, san, bangers, frustration, computers, bits, bit...
Engineered Electronics Power Supply Prices ZA-735
Topics: power, amp, mils, circuit, price, smoumaaid, smmodlmw, mumjins, lovisod, xina
Ted Nelson's Junk Mail Cartons
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System 360
Topics: keyboard, model, reader, switch, devices, ibm, data, attachment, printer, console, carrier return,...
Minicom PD-1000 Digital Recorder Brochure from 3M
Topics: ips, cps, mincom, data, tape, vdc, output, signal, volts, pcm, time displacement, nrz change,...
Friden Flyers: 6010 Electronic Computer and Computyper Automated Work Center
Topics: friden, computyper, auxiliary, punched, tape, electronic, reader, cards, computer, program,...
Graphic Systems - Brochure: Graphic layout board
Topics: graphic, layout, layouts, stock, danville, board, measurements, spaces, weights, doz, graphic...
Press Release: Adam Osborne's New Venture, Paperback Software International (March 23, 1984), from Software Seed Capital Corporation.
Topics: software, osborne, psi, paperback, burdick, consumer, international, product, distribution,...
Digicator Electronic Numeric Readouts, from Microphysics Inc. Overview, information, specifications.
Topics: digicator, series, numeric, associates, readouts, ibl, microphysics, decimal, lamp, midwest,...
Electronic Pulse Circuits and Switch Circuit Assemblies from Micro Switch Inc.
Topics: pulse, circuit, circuits, voltage, ohms, switch, output, impedance, pushbutton, vdc, pulse width,...
Visirecord Incorporated Catalog EPC1065. Paper Tapes and Edge Punched Cards - illustrations and descriptions
Topics: cards, ledger, rag, channels, punched, mylar, ink, card, edge, specifications, rag ledger, ink...
Forth Interest Group Mail Order List
Topics: total, byte, installation, qin, oecupse, ovax, lba, oappleh, numberx, reprints, interest group
General Electric Computer Department District Offices
Topics: street, electric, building, general, plaza, missouri, arizona, pennsylvania, avenue, computer,...
Switchcraft Audio Accessories Catalog A-401
Topics: phono, plug, shielded, grey, phone, stereo, cable, straight, list, input, phone plug, phono plug,...
Raytheon Datavue Tubes - A Complete Line of Side-View and End-View Indicator Tubes
Topics: cathode, tubes, raytheon, voltage, anode, datavue, bias, current, indicator, numerical, cathode...
Spectrum Holobyte Catalog - Software Catalog
Topics: falcon, missions, avenger, mode, solitaire, flight, intruder, stunt, squadron, firefight
Brochure and Overview Documentation System for the EAI DES-30 - including photographs and overviews and diagrams.
Topics: indicator, register, digital, trays, analog, control, panel, counter, patch, purpose, general...
Burroughs Corporation: Electronic Components and Systems Specifying Guide
Topics: numeral, vdc, twx, voltage, anode, nixie, cathode, internal, connection, pin, internal connection,...
ADDS - Envoy traveling computer terminal
Topics: envoy, acoustic, crt, display, portable, formatting, terminal, characters, ppp, displays
Higgins Pengraphic Universal India Ink Pen Brochure
Topics: ink, nibs, nib, higgins, pengraphic, fine, medium, sketching, writing, pen, extra fine
Data Desk Flyer from Odesta Corporation
Topics: data, desk, exploratory, statistics, graphical, eda, macintosh, program, interactive, analysis,...
Hitachi 505 Analog Computer Brochure
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Topics: twx, phone, hitachi, brogan, analog, thorson, computer, brimberg, readout, san, company phone,...